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26 April 2014



Thanks for the hard work on Keyman in general and this article as well. I have an existing keyboard and I followed the article to the point where I can install my custom keyboard fine (no install failed message, anymore), but it doesn't display the font on the on-screen keyboard nor does pushing button does anything.

This leads me to think that my JS file is bad. The link above does not talk about the JS file but rather stopped with the KMN file. I first tried to use the code in the "code" tab under "Touch Layout" but that didn't work.

Next I looked up the output for https://r.keymanweb.com/api/2.0/keyboards
and I grabbed one of the JS files in the browser and I saw the format is more like that generated by "Compile to Web".

So my JS file now looks like:

KeymanWeb.KR(new Keyboard_shan());function Keyboard_shan(){this.KI="Keyboard_shan";this.KN="Shan_tzerngkoang";this.KV={F:' 1em "Padauk"'.........

My JSON file is here: http://surehope.net/shantools/ref/shan.json

Any suggestions on why it is not working would be appreciated!


Tano Fotang

"id: (ID of the keyboard. It must always match the internal name of the keyboard in the keyboard .js file)"

What is the id if the js file starts as follows:
KeymanWeb.KR(new Keyboard_xx());function Keyboard_xx(){this.KI="Keyboard_xx";this.KN="Mykeyb";...

Is it "Keyboard_xx", "Mykeyb" or "xx"?

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